Refractive Surgery Sites

The amount of information on LASIK and LASEK is truly staggering and much of is is good quality. You can Google for LASIK and I have put in a few below, in no particular order or merit. Some have extensive links pages of their own. A lot of the information comes from the States. If you got this far on your own then I am sure that you can find more than enough information  to keep you happy!

  1. Visualase - the clinic where I do most of my refractive surgery.
  2. Lasik Institute - this is a very comprehensive American site on Lasik. It is funded by an educational grant from Summit Inc., one of the laser manufacturers, but seems to be independent of them. There is a particularly interesting discussion you can find via their links page between two groups of surgeons on the pros and cons of simultaneous bilateral lasik (the general norm in the USA)
  3. "Wikipedia" - Quite a nice entry and has a lot of links at the bottom of the page
  4. British Society for Refractive Surgery - Professional body of Ophthalmologists and Optometrists in the UK. Good article on the state of refractive surgery in 2002
  5. FDA - USA Food and Drug Administration site on LASIK - official government site
  6. Eye Surgery Education Council - an initiative established by the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS), to which I belong,  Like all American sources there is more about LASIK than LASEK, although there is a swing back to surface ablation in the USA in recent times.
  7. All About Vision - USA commercial site
  8. The Royal College of Ophthalmology has a section for patients on laser refractive eye surgery. This is excellent and unbiased, and has just been updated (April 2003)
  9. - This is a UK site collecting various patients' experiences at different clinics.