Costs for refractive surgery:

Wavefront LASIK               £1190 per eye
Wavefront LASEK              £995 per eye
Initial consultation free. It is not necessary to decide whether to have LASEK or LASIK before the consultation.

Cost includes all pre and postoperative care, drugs etc and also any re-treatments/enhancements.

Any  intervention for medical reasons is free of charge. The chance of needing a re-treatment is greater in higher prescriptions as the spread of results is greater. For prescriptions above -6 Dioptres the enhancement rate is about 4% and for those less than -3 Dioptres it is less than 2%. More than one enhancement per eye is rare.

Further information and enquiries to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Please include the refraction (sphere, cylinder and axis) if appropriate and also your age. 

Don't forget that I am an individual surgeon and not a corporation! I operate in Bolton at the Visualase clinic ( See my biography. However, I can usually arrange follow-up care nearer to your home if you do not live locally.